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What is a capture page ( or personal page)?

using simple words a capture page is Your AD in one website.

For example:

Writing your AD in credit mailer:

New SMS Extream Mobile Advertising

AD Body:
Message over 156,122+ mobile users daily

You get an advertising monster for a
lifetime worth of usage for a one time fee,
this package is truly insane

Website URL:


Your AD in website:

what are the benefits?

1) each safelist has a countdown, the user can read your ad during the countdown

2) you can promote your AD in traffic exchange also.

3) build a mailing list ( using the autoresponder form)

4) we will promote your personal page to the best safelists and traffic exchange.


how to build your own page?

Click your memberhip on the left menu column ( see the image below)

And read "Personal Page" section

( we can build your page for you for free)