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Many of the same services we can provide you would cost you $100 or more each month if you purchased them somewhere else! But, our cost is only a one time, life time membership fee of $7 month! That includes all the services. . This is an incredible offer.


Auto Responders have many uses: use them to publish a newsletter or ezine, build an opt in email list, or anytime an automated message, or series of messages is needed.

Do what the Pros do, and start grabbing your prospect's attention with an Auto Responder System beyond compare. You can even try out a live demo below!

Unlimited auto responders with the following features:
Ability to have an unlimited number of messages in each auto responder.
Lightening fast service from our Dedicated Server.
Our system is a confirmed opt-in system and catches IP number of the person that confirms.
Handles both plain text and HTML e-mails, sends HTML e-mail as multi-part with a plain text version, every one can read e-mail sent from the system.
All Auto Responder e-mails can be personalized with over 100 personalization tags.
Supports Demographic Questions and Custom Questions for subscriber forms (can then send e-mail by the answers given).
Link Tracking, see how many clicks you get on links in your e-mail using the link tracking.
Built in Reminder service.
Automatic bounce removal.
Easy to use Web-Based Client Menu ... Complete with Video Tutorials.
Auto Responders can be set-up, accessed and modified 24 hours a day.
Complete Subscriber Reporting.
Can add or delete Prospects manually by cut and paste or CSV upload.
Provides custom HTML code for all your clients sign up forms.
Can set custom landing pages for subscriber confirmation and welcome pages.
Can set the from name and reply-to email address of outgoing e-mail from the Auto Responder.
Can schedule mailings, and do a one off mailing (broadcast) to auto responder list.
Tracks unsubscribed, bounces and pending subscribers. .
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