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Setting Up Your Autoresponder - Basic

Use this if you just wish to import leads that you have bought (or your monthly leads from European Safelist) and follow up with emails


Choose 'Set Up Autoresponder' and enter:

- a name for your autoresponder - this will form part of the reply to address, so choose wisely eg kibo will show as:

- who the emails will be from, usually your name, or your company name

- a valid email address (you will have to verify this address before you can use your autoresponder)

Next, choose 'Confirmation Email Message' and enter a message to be sent to anyone who subscribes to your list - this will contain a link they will have to click to confirm their subscription. Make this welcoming, and reassure people that they will be able to unsubscribe later if they choose!

Go to 'Campaign Setting' - here you can choose to have leads moved automatically from one autoresponder to another.  I have a main list which I send all my other campaigns to when they have received all the messages I have set up for that campaign. Remember, you can set up 12 different autoresponders with your European Safelist account. You may choose to place leads from different sources in different autoresponders, and send them different emails initially. The advantage of having them transferred into one main list is that you can use this list to send broadcast messages to when you have something new to tell your subscribers.

'Custom Personalisation' & 'Custom URL' tags can be set up if you wish to use these in your messages eg you could set up a custom url for your main website, and use this instead of entering your url each time.

Set up your Header and Footer if you wish to use these.


Add messages to be sent to everyone who subscribes to your list. Your first message should be welcoming them, and thanking them for subscribing. Tell them about yourself, your business or opportunity, and how you will help them. Do not oversell in the first message - your aim should be to build a trusting relationship before you ask people to buy or opt into your business. Your 2nd and subsequent messages should be sent every 2-3 days - too often and they will get fed up and unsubscribe!

Send Mail:

Here you can send a message to all subscribers - you can use this if you have something special to say, this is also known as a broadcast mail, and will not interrupt your autoresponder messages that will continue to be sent as normal.


Here you can view your subscribers, and most importantly add leads to your autoresponder, either by adding singly, or using .csv (comma separated value - most bought leads can be imported in this format, and if you download your ES leads they can be saved in this format). Alternatively, you can use the 'form' - either way, don't forget to map your data ie specify which field the first name, second name, email etc is in, and don't forget to include the IP address so you cannot be accused of spamming.  The delimiter is usually , (comma) in csv files.

You are now all set to begin emailing your leads on autopilot!


Use this if you have your own website with a lead-capture form

Set up your autoresponder following the basic instructions, but in addition:

Click on Form Code and select which form you wish to place on your website/splash page, click continue, select which field you wish to include, click continue, copy the html code from the text box, and paste this into your webpage.

Return to Configuration and select 'Sign-Up Success Redirect'

Enter the page you wish your subscribers to be redirected to after they have entered their details - you can create a thank you page on your website where you can give them any further information you choose - use this an opportunity to give them a special offer!

Next, select 'Confirmation Required Redirect' and enter the page you wish your subscribers to visit when they confirm their sign-up - this can be the same thank you page as before, or you can take them to a different sales page - just remember that these pages will need to be set up on your website.

If you wish to see these features in action, visit my page, complete your details in the form, and observe what happens - this is the best to learn! You can then unsubscribe from my messages once you have seen these features in action.

In addition, there are other simple functions eg searching for subscribers which I will not go into detail with here - I recommend you spend some time exploring your autoresponder so that you become familiar with it. If you still have questions, you can ask admin, or feel free to email me at